About Us

Yes, we are vain enough to have an about us page.

Joshua (Dotwa)

Joshua can be found as the composer in The World Ends With You. Thin and sarcastic, he likes nothing better than to rant on about science and history when he’s not manipulating Necku and playing tin pin slammer (or whatever it is called). Joshua holds ultimate power in the game, and feels free to erase anyone at his whim. Even the conductor cannot defy him. (Cough, cough, Minamimoto!)


The right honourable Samuel Jacobsen Freidrich Engels Parma Atkinson Ph.D, sometimes known as Notch, is widely regarded as the world’s greatest thinker from the renaissance period, but also has fame for his work in architecture (the tower at Piza- bit of a mistake), philanthropy, Minecraft fan-fiction,  starting the French revolution, pioneering the use of electricity in everyday life, Irish poetry under the pen-name Seamus Heaney, inventing evolution as an elaborate lie to annoy God, bringing about the extinction of the dinosaurs and Chuck Norris’ career and corrupting Bill Clinton’s image with his rampant sexuality. He is also a leading freemason, an honourable member of 409 universities worldwide, a New Orleans Black Jazz Musician, the inventor of the internet under the name Al Gore, all four members of the band system of a down, president of Venezuela, the father, son and Holy Spirit and Dick Cheney. He also invented the printing press and was the first woman to swim the English Channel with no arms. Samuel Atkinson was prolific 1616-2000, at which point his magical superpowers were greatly weakened by the dotcom crash. Currently Samuel is using the powers of zombie Karl Marx to turn Highgrave into his own personal socialist fortress. Sam is believed to have been born in 0A.D. around which time he was often mistaken for Jesus, which annoyed him to no end when Herod shot ballistic missiles at him. His father was the popular fiction character God, and his mother the German Mathematician and Physicist Carl Freidrich Gauss. He can also bake a wicked Key Lime Pie.


Ido (Rose)

Pretty much the most amazing person in the world… Joshua, should we write each others? 🙂

James (Jlester1328)

blew up my house. Bastard.


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